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How to… Access NHS E-Journals

Once you have an NHS Athens username and password (if you don’t have one click here) you have access to 2000+ full text electronic journals. Many of these titles have been purchased by the NHS for all staff, others have been purchased for East of England NHS Staff only. Some journals are available up to the current issues, other journals are archive collections.

This post explains how to access the collection.

To search for e-journals start at EEL and click the link to “List of journals available online and in print”

Enter your NHS Athens username and password.

You are now in “My Journals” and should be looking at the search screen. You can now search for a journal title.

You can search for a journal title by entering the exact title, start of title, or any word in the title (e.g. nursing will find all journals with nursing in the title.

If the journal is available electronically it will appear in the results, with one or more blue links underneath it. These links will take you to the full text for the dates listed to the right of each link.

This example shows that “Annals of Emergency Medicine” is available electronically from two collections: Elsevier ScienceDirect and MD Consult Core Journals. Both collections include the current issue, but the MD Consult link will give you journals back to 1995, whereas Elsevier starts at 2003. A printed collection is also available in the Warner Library.

To access the electronic journal click on the blue link. In most cases you will be taken straight to the journal, but if a login page appears click on an Athens login link to access the journal. This may not be obvious so have a good look round the screen! If accessing an Elsevier ScienceDirect title, the login is at the top right of the screen – click login, and then “Go to Athens Login”.

If the journal you are looking for is not available electronically, or the date you need is not available, please contact the Warner Library and we will try and obtain a printed copy for you.

Click here to access a guide to searching the NHS E-Journal collection, including trouble shooting tips and advice.

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