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LQAF – we need your help….

There’s something very serene about the image above: a pleasantly warm, late-afternoon sun, a dusty road with your destination just round the corner – a refreshing cool drink nearly yours to gulp – a just reward for one’s exercise.

Unlike a photo, real life isn’t often like that! We are all aware how the Trust is seeking to create a culture of learning, development, and innovation; we are very proud of how we’ve helped people here to develop, enabling them to undertake many roles with more depth. Our members with long memories will recall the preparations for HELICON: well, new initials but the import’s essentially the same. Now it’s called LQAF [Library Quality Assessment Framework] – and we need your input, please. All the health libraries in the East of England have to complete this; we’re eager to build on both Helicon and LQAF, to bring you the cost-efficient, & best bang for the bucks, we can.

We will offer a £20 Amazon voucher to the most positive and helpful response, though this is only open to those entitled to use the Warner Library (MEHT, local PCTs, NEMHP staff).  You can fill it in now! And we’re not telling you when the cut-off date is…




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