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E-Journals – accessing SpringerLink titles

We have discovered a problem with access to 3 of our E-journals via the “Find a Journal” link on EEL.  The link given (to  “Springer Link Archive”) does not work, and at the moment cannot be changed.

Therefore, it is best to access the journals directly from the Springer Link website, and then login via  NHS Athens. Here’s how:

The 3 Journals are (click on a title to access):

Each link takes you to the journal homepage. Notice you have guest access (top right) because you are not yet logged in. To log in with your Athens,  click on Login (top right) and then click on “Login via Shibboleth or Athens”.

Click Login

At the next screen you need to select United Kingdom from the country list, and then Broomfield Hospital from the Institution list. If this doesn’t work first time, try it again!

Select United Kingdom and then Broomfield Hospital

You will then need to login with your NHS Athens username and password.

Please note, if you find references to articles from these 3 journals as part of a Medline (or other database) search,  the full text links work fine!

Please get in touch with the Warner Library if you have any queries.

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