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How to access the Lancet

NICE has agreed to fund  access to the full text of the Lancet for all NHS staff for the next 3 years. You can read the press release from NICE here. Access is via your NHS Athens username and password.

This doesn’t make much difference to East of England NHS staff, as it was already part of our E-journals collection, however  actually accessing the full text of the Lancet is not straightforward, especially if you have not tried before, so here is a guide on how to do it.

First, a reminder of how to access / search for e-journals for NHS staff in the East of England.

The best place to start is EEL

Click "Find a Journal" or "East of England Journals"

You can search the E-journals available to you by using the link “Find a journal” (located in the top left “Athens & E-Resources” box) and then logging in with your NHS Athens.   Search for the Lancet and then click the link that says “Available from Elsevier in Elsevier ScienceDirect”.

However, if you want to go straight to the Lancet (or another title within the East of England e-journals) click on “East of England Journals” (located in the bottom left “Your Local Library” box) and then click on Lancet from the list.

Elsevier provide online access to the Lancet via their ScienceDirect website.  On the Lancet homepage you will probably see “Purchase” next to each article. This is because you initially only have guest access – even if you  have already logged in with your Athens password! Don’t be put off – you can access the full text without paying – you just need to click on Login at the very top right of the screen and then click on “Go to Athens login”

Notice Guest Login at the top right

If you have not yet logged in, then a login screen will appear where you enter your NHS Athens username and password.

If you logged in earlier (because you used the “Find a journal” link on EEL, then the Lancet home page will reload and you will see “purchase” has disappeared.

If this is your very first time accessing the Lancet, you will need to activate your account by completing the form that will appear. This is a one-off procedure but does have to be done before you can access full text.

Fade Library at Liverpool PCT has produced this very useful video showing you the whole process (requires Flash to view):

If you have any questions about accessing the Lancet, or any other E-journals then please get in touch. There is also a handy guide to download here.

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