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Proquest – E-Journals Problem Update & Fix

As reported earlier, there are  problems accessing E-Journals via Proquest with your NHS Athens password if you are using an MEHT computer.

This effects links to full text journal articles via a database search or links to the journals via the A-Z list of e-journals on EEL. For Example:

Proquest link Or:

Proquest link HDAS

While this problem is being fixed, Proquest have sent us a direct web link to use.

Please contact the Warner Library with your NHS Athens username and we will email you the link to use.

Once you have the link, click it to access Proquest.

You can then copy and paste the title of the article you want to access into the search box and click the search button.

Proquest title search 2Proquest title result
If you want to browse a whole journal click “Publications” at the top of the screen and type the journal name into the search box.

Proquest journal search

Another way, is after clicking the link,  go back to your database results or A-Z list and click the Proquest link again. This should then take you to the journal.

Please note, access to Proquest journals and articles should work OK from home computers.

As soon as the problem has been fixed and you no longer need to do this I will let you know.

If you have any queries or would like the link please contact the Warner Team on x4708 or warner.library@meht.nhs.uk

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