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A better way to access UpToDate

Are you still using your Athens password to access UpToDate? If so, there is a better way to access that not only gives you access to the full UpToDate database but also the App that allows you to access from your Smart phone or tablet. The App is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

To register:

  • Go to the MEHT intranet homepage and click the UpToDate icon
  • Click Log in/Register (top right of screen)
  • Complete the registration form – you can register using the email of your choice.
  • Select a Username and password.

Once registered, you use the username and password to access from a home PC or laptop, and to also login to the App (Just search for the UpToDate app in your usual App store & download to your device. You will only need to login once).

Verify your account every 90 days

You may have registered a few months ago – if so your account may be coming up for verification.

You will receive an email after 80 days to tell you to verify your account. It’s easy – just click the UpToDate logo on the Trust intranet homepage again & click Log in / Register. This time, log in (using Username and password you created) in the login box on the left hand side of the screen. All done – your account is now verified for another 90 days and you can continue to access as before.

CME Activity

You may have noticed that UpToDate records CME activity.

Once logged in, Click on the CME link at the top right of the screen.

Click “View/Change My Settings” from the menu on the left hand side.

Select “Time-based Tracking” from the options – this will now record the hours you spend on CME.

To print out a certificate, click “Process My CME/CE/CPD” from the left hand menu.

If you have previously accessed UpToDate with your Athens account it is possible to merge your Athens account with your individual account, ensuring your CME activity is carried over. To do this just email saying you wish to consolidate your Athens account with your current account. Please state your name, and the email address you used to register with Athens (if you cannot remember please email or phone x4708 and we can check for you)

 Training for individuals and Departments

I am now a certified Trainer for UpToDate, so if you would like to arrange a training session for yourself or your colleagues / team please get in touch. This would take about 15-20 minutes so could fit into a team meeting or CPD event.

For more help with the registration process please go to: http://meht-intranet/hr/learning-and-development/warner-library-services/uptodate/ (MEHT PC only)

Remember, you can still use your Athens account to access E-journals, E-books (including some titles from Oxford Online), Healthcare databases and ClinicalKey (hundreds of full text books and journals from Elsevier)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Warner Library


Changes to Medline and PsycINFO

On 1st April 2015 there will be some “behind the scenes” changes to the NHS ATHENS database search (HDAS) of Medline and PsycINFO.

All existing saved searches and alerts in Medline & PsycINFO will be deleted on Monday 30th March 2015.

If you wish to keep your searches you will need to access and export them before 8am on Monday 30th March.

To download your saved searches do the following:

  • Login to Medline or PsycINFO using NHS ATHENS from – click “Search the databases”
  • click “saved searches” and select the saved search you wish to retain
  • “run” that search
  • once the search has completed you can either
    • copy and paste the strategy into a Word file, save it and keep it safe,
    • view the results from your search and select (tick) one article; scroll to the bottom of the screen and select ‘MS Word’ and the ‘Short’ Display Format and click on ‘Save Results’
      This will save a  Word file with the strategy included.

Follow the same procedure for every search and alert you wish to keep.

Once the changes have been made to Medline and PsycINFO you will need to manually re-type your search / alert and save it again.

Please note – this will not affect any saved searches/alerts in the other HDAS databases (CINAHL, Embase, AMED, BNI, HMIC, Health Business Elite).

Please contact the Warner Library ( or 01245 514708) if you would like any help in downloading your searches. More detailed instructions can be found here.

Athens access problem

The Athens problem is now fixed – but please contact the Warner Library if you still encounter access difficulties.

Thank you